10 Most Powerful Hollywood Actors

10 Most Powerful Hollywood Actors

These have been the many absolute actors of Hollywood to date who order the attention by their unusual character as well as as well as impassioned talent

 Johnny Depp

Whether he’s the insane hatter, the bandit or an charcterised chameleon, Depp’s participation in the movie guarantees the box bureau bump. Just demeanour during Rango, an peculiar animated movie about the fish-out-of-water lizard. It grossed $240 million upon an estimated bill of $135 million. His movie The Tourist, in that he played an normal associate conflicting Angelina Jolie, warranted the full of health $280 million interjection in partial to Depp’s general appeal. (Link)

Leonardo DiCaprio

This final year was the large the single for DiCaprio. After the fibre of cinema that unsuccessful to wow during the box bureau (like Body of Lies), he had large hits with Shutter Island as well as Inception. The latter grossed $825 million during the tellurian box bureau creation it the 6th top grossing movie of 2010. (Link)

Adam Sandler

One of Hollywood’s top earners, Sandler is the arguable funnyman whose assembly is strong by distressing reviews. Case in point: his new movie Grown Ups. The movie warranted the hideous 10 out of 100 upon movie examination website Rotten Tomatoes though it brought in $271 million during the box bureau creation it Sandler’s top grossing movie to date. (Link)

Brad Pitt

Pitt has turn as active the writer as he is an actor. His company, Plan B, was during the back of final year’s Kick-Ass as well as Eat Pray Love, that starred Julia Roberts. The actress hasn’t appeared upon shade given 2009’s Inglourious Basterds (which warranted the full of health $320 million during the tellurian box office) though he uttered do-gooder Metro Man in DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind conflicting Will Ferrell.. (Link)

  Robert Pattinson

With the finish of the Twilight authorization in sight, Pattinson is scheming himself for the post-vampire career. The intrigue Remember Me warranted usually $56 million though that’s not bad deliberation the movie had the little bill of $16 million. Water for Elephants, costarring Reese Witherspoon, additionally achieved morally during the box bureau proof that audiences have been peaceful to accept Pattinson as some-more than an undead heartthrob. (Link)

 Tom Hanks

Hanks hasn’t appeared in the movie given 2009’s Angels & Demons though his voice was the single of the categorical attractions of 2010’s Toy Story 3 where he starred as conduct toy, Woody. Toy Story 3 was the top grossing movie of the year with $1 billion in box bureau revenue. Through his Playtone Productions Hanks additionally produces TV shows similar to the not long ago finished Big Love as well as the HBO movie chronicle of the book Game Change. (Link)

Will Smith

Smith earnings to the list this year interjection to the arriving Men in Black III where he’ll reprise his purpose as Agent J. Smith had depressed off of the list in 2010 since he took time off to maintain the budding careers of his young kids Jaden as well as Willow. Jaden starred in the reconstitute of The Karate Kid that Smith constructed (the movie warranted $360 million). Smith helped Willow with her strike strain “Whip My Hair.” The video for the strain has been noticed eleven million times. (Link)

Robert Downey Jr

Downey one after another his quip this year with Iron Man 2. The supplement outearned the 2008 prototype by $57 million bringing in $622 million globally. Downey’s non-franchise movie this year, Due Date, additionally tender earning $211 million during the box office. But that doesn’t meant he’s giving up Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes. Expect copiousness some-more of both. (Link)

Ben Stiller

With the 9 out of 100 rating upon the Rotten Tomatoes movie examination site, Little Fockers was between the misfortune reviewed cinema of the year. No matter. It earned $310 million during the tellurian box office. Much of that is due to Stiller’s everyman appeal. In 2010 he offset out his large bill comedies with the low-key Greenberg that warranted usually $6 million, though soap-box reviews from the critics. (Link)

Mark Wahlberg

Wahlberg wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for his work in The Fighter though he helped lead his co-stars Christian Bale as well as Melissa Leo to bullion with his heartfelt performance. The movie warranted an considerable $130 million during the box office. Wahlberg is additionally the bustling TV writer with 4 shows in assorted stages of prolongation during HBO. (Link)


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