11 amazing new celebrity makeovers 2011

11 extraordinary latest luminary makeovers 2011

Drew Barrymore

After roughly a year of ombré locks, Drew Barrymore is saying red. 

 Kate Winslet

 Kate Winslet repelled everybody when she chopped off her signature blonde waves as well as debuted a gold tree nymph upon a cover of Vogue.

Leona Lewis 

 Can we mark this season’s trends upon Leona Lewis? Blunt bangs, splendid lipstick as well as radiant skin.

Vanessa Hudgens

 Vanessa Hudgens not prolonged ago strew her signature prolonged waves for a choppy, layered bob.

 Mena Suvari

 Mena Suvari’s centre-parted blond layers fit a singer most some-more than her brunette hairstyle.

Hilary Duff

 Hilary Duff is rocking a some-more mature-looking border as well as true hair right away which she’s been tied together for roughly a year.

Rose Byrne

 Rose Byrne was a single of a initial celebrities to burst upon a fringe-wagon this season.

Brooklyn Decker

 Brooklyn Decker is all ready for warmer continue with her latest bouncy, layered bob.

Katharine McPhee

 Katharine McPhee eventually ditched a unflattering short, blond braid in foster of a beautiful wavy brunette bob.

Adrianne Palicki

 Adrianne Palicki went ebony to fool around Wonder Woman in a latest TV adaptation. Her brief border is all on-trend for this season. 

Michelle Monaghan

 From old-Hollywood glorious to straight-up 70s. Which demeanour do we similar to improved upon Michelle Monaghan?

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