18 movie stars who disappeared

18 film stars who disappeared

They were upon the trail to stardom. The universe was during their feet. Then they disappeared! We encounter the film stars which were, afterwards weren’t!

Hollywood is the variable mistress. The highway to superstardom is dirty with her used-up conquests: kid stars who never done it as adults, pin-ups who had the benevolence to grow aged or lift the family, boy identical to heroes who unexpected weren’t so boy identical to as good as side-splitting comics who found out the tough approach only how quick humerous entertainment can date.

While Tinseltown is filled with performers who never done it to the large time, the strangest as good as saddest tales go to those who strike the drunken heights of  celebrity yet could not, for whatever reason, reason upon to it. What happened to them? Find out below.

Molly Ringwald

 A Breakfast Club star, Ringwald was the pin-up upon each mid-80s room wall. She roughly seemed to confirm conflicting stardom when she incited down the Julia Roberts purpose in Pretty Woman (1990) as good as the Demi Moore purpose in Ghost (1990), evading her US celebrity to live in Europe.

Mark Hamill

Despite starring in the Star Wars trilogy, arguably the 3 many important drive-in theatre ever made, Mark Hamill’s film career never unequivocally got off the ground. After the couple of dodgy sci-fi titles (slipstream anyone?) as good as cameo appearances in video games, Hamill has staid easily in to voice existence work. He does the meant Joker in the charcterised Batman.

Geena Davis

 With her kooky good looks as good as feisty shade presence, Davis was the quintessential 1980s print girl, starring in such box bureau bonanzas as The Fly, Beetllejuice as good as the iconic Thelma as good as Louise.  Appearances in the array of dress for executive as good as afterwards father Renny Harlin eclipsed her star somewhat, nonetheless she won the Golden Globe for her TV opening as the initial womanlike US boss in Commander In Chief.

Michael Biehn

 What the ruin happened?! This male was THE star of The Terminator. He was all friend friend with James Cameron after that, bagging tools in Aliens (’86) as good as The Abyss (’89) which should have seen him strike the large time. Perhaps it all slipped divided when Cameron cut his scenes from Terminator 2. Not cool, Jim. For the prime Biehn opening check out 1991’s underrated K2.

Thora Birch

Her dermatitis opening as Kevin Spacey’s sullen teenager daughter in American beauty betrothed good things, as good as Birch followed it up with the span of smart, smart-alecky purposes in Ghost World as good as The Hole. Still alighting unchanging film roles, yet the motion picture themselves lend towards to vanish yet trace. Anyone celebration of the mass this seen Dark Corners, Tainted Love or Winter Of Frozen Dreams? Nope, conjunction have we.

 Daryl Hannah

 It can’t be easy to be remembered as “that lady who was the charmer in which Tom Hanks movie” as good as “her from Blade Runner”, yet Daryl Hannah has borne her cranky with goodwill, concentrating upon indie movies, theatre work as good as activism. An coming in Kill Bill in jeopardy to revive her A-list career as good as she’ll be behind when Tarantino does KB3 in 2014.

Macaulay Culkin

 One of the many successful kid stars of all time, Macaulay Culkin struggled to modify the worldwide success of the Home Alone motion picture in to an adult career. Decent performances in drive-in theatre identical to Party Monster unsuccessful to set the box bureau upon fire, as good as Culkin was final seen (well, heard) you do voices for the charcterised TV uncover Robot Chicken.

Michael Keaton

 The former Batman as good as Beetlejuice star has been blank from the screens for the while, unless you equate co-starring in Herbie: Fully Loaded with Lindsay Lohan (we don’t, frankly). We skip Keaton’s twitchy, lip-chewing performances. He was glorious in Jackie Brown: maybe Tarantino can revive his career again, John Travolta-style.

Rick Moranis

 The star of Ghostbusters as good as Honey you Shrunk The Kids has seen his film career perform the identical disintegrating act, with countless timorous sequels delivering abating box bureau returns. He effectively gave up upon motion picture to combine upon family in the nineties. Last seen voicing children’s cartoons.

Kelly McGillis

 As the moist moody instructor, Kelly McGillis took Tom Cruise’s exhale divided in Top Gun, as good as dual years after she showed her critical behaving chops in nerve-racking rape play The Accused. Hasn’t had the correct strike since, as good as right away spends many of her time operative upon theatre as good as using the grill in Florida.

Judd Nelson

 A brat-pack star in the The Breakfast Club as good as St Elmo’s Fire, Judd Nelson went upon to give the clever opening in New Jack City in ’91. But it all fell off after that. Entangled in ’93 (Ouch!) as good as Caroline At Midnight in ’94 (Eugh!) did not go down good with critics.

Judge Reinhold

 There was the duration in the 1980s when you simply couldn’t have the humerous entertainment yet cast of characters Judge Reinhold, yet he is still most appropriate well well known as the gently oral Detective Rosewood of Beverley Hills Cop. Reinhold some-more not long ago appeared in Kevin Costner’s domestic humerous entertainment Swing Vote. If the Beverly Hills Cop reboot comes about you could be saying the total lot some-more of him soon.

Phoebe Cates

 Man, you had such the vanquish upon Gremlins star Phoebe Cates, with her heartbreakingly flattering face as good as loose perspective to nakedness (check out Fast Times during Ridgemont High). What happened to her? Well, she tied together Kevin Kline as good as had the garland of kids. Her final shade purpose was in 1994’s Princess Caraboo, nonetheless she’ll be behind this year for garb play The Anniversary Party.

Michael J Fox

 The childish star of the Back To The Future trilogy never utterly overcame his boy identical to looks, yet his obtuse well well known motion picture performances showcase glorious comic timing – check out The Frighteners for Fox during his funniest. A successful TV as good as outspoken star in the 90s (he was the voice of Stuart Little), his diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease led to the semi-retirement in 2000.

Corey Feldman

 Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me as good as The Lost Boys should have been sufficient to set Corey Feldman up for hold up (what the list!). Following the interregnum in the early 90s, he was incompetent to lapse to bigtime parts. Drugs have, famously, been an emanate over the past twenty years or so for Feldman. He turns 40 this year.

Linda Fiorentino

 Fiorentino done the dash as the single of complicated cinema’s biggest femme fatales in the shining noir thriller The Last Seduction, as good as went upon to star conflicting Will Smith in Men In Black, the purpose she is rumoured to have won in the gin rummy diversion with executive Barry Sonnenfeld.  Since afterwards her career has progressively waned, with rumours of the bust up with executive Kevin Smith upon the set of Dogma doubtful to have helped.

Chevy Chase

 File him underneath the “it-was-funny-back-then” category. He’s not left entirely, progressing the tide of work in family motion picture as good as animations. But you all know him as the funny-boned slapstick male from National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983), Three Amigos! (1986) and, unfortunately, Caddyshack 2 (1988).

Jeff Cohen

 Chunk! Perhaps the prime impression from The Goonies, Cohen didn’t aspire to behaving as the grownup. He’s right away the successful lawyer. He’s additionally thin!

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