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Sat, Aug 13, 2011

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Soccer teams have home as well as divided shirts, tennis as well as golf stars have garments as well as rigging with sponsored logos, though if you’re the womanlike beach volleyball star there’s not the lot of dress genuine estate to sinecure out to the selling folks.
That’s because British beach volleyball stars Shauna Mullin as well as Zara Dampney will be sporting the dwarfed weensy tall tech club formula upon their itsy bitsy swim suit bottoms when they contest in the tall form London contest this week.
The Olympic pairing — ranked 26th in the universe — will have the Quick Response (QR) formula upon their costumes during the Visa FIVB Beach Volleyball International, an intercontinental women’s volleyball exhibition.
When photographed upon the smartphone, the QR pattern barcode directs users true to the specific website, in this box the site owned by online sports betting association Betfair.
The barcode, partial of the sponsorship deal with Betfair, will be printed upon the behind of the swim suit bottoms, where advertisers consider it will capture the many attention.
“There is outrageous seductiveness in beach volleyball as well as you wish to safeguard that the promotion debate is seen as well as remembered by as many sports fans as possible,” Betfair’s Andy Lulham pronounced in the statement.

“As distant as we’re wakeful this is the initial time QR codes have been used in in-play sports promotion as well as what improved approach to exam the efficacy than by putting them upon the single of the places that is expected to get photographed the most.”
The tournament, that is partial of the central 2012 London Olympic Games sports contrast programme, takes place in Horse Guards Parade, London, the rite drift that hosts the Trooping of the Colour any year upon the Queen’s birthday.
This venue will horde the 2012 London Olympic Games beach volleyball contest in the proxy locus that will be built subsequent year as well as have the genius of 15,000.

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