Brooke Shields reaches out to Britney Spears


Finally! we was commencement to consider we was receiving my funny pills when no a single continuous Britney Spears haphazard function with postpartum depression. Leaving your babies during home, withdrawal your panties during home, leaving your hair upon a barbershop building – these have been not things mentally-stable moms do.

People Magazine reports:

Shields, who suffered postpartum basin after a bieing born of her initial child, says which if Spears – mom to Sean Preston, eighteen months, as well as Jayden James, 6 months – is pang from a condition as a little have speculated, “then it unequivocally needs to be reckoned with, as well as it’s really common, as well as she’ll get by it.”

Shields, a mom of dual daughters, Rowan, 3, as well as 10-month-old Grier, wrote a book Down Came a Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression detailing her knowledge as well as how she overcame it.

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