Crash Video of Marco Simoncelli at Sepang 2011

Sun, Oct 23, 2011


A really bad news, since in this week, there have been 2 deadly pile-up during race. First, a Racing oldster Dan Wheldon dies in pile-up during Vegas IndyCar competition as well as second, Italian supplement Marco Simoncelli dies in pile-up during Sepang circuit, Malaysia.

Very intolerable news, a unhappy headlines came from a Sepang circuit, Malaysia. Italian supplement Marco Simoncelli, reportedly died in a incident in a second path upon Sunday afternoon. Simoncelli’s genocide scarcely an hour after he was treated with colour by a healing group Sepang.

MotoGP array seventeen in Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday (23/10), had to be stopped whilst in a second round. Marco Simoncelli was stopped racing when a depressed crop up motionless, unconscious, as well as rught away taken to a hospital. Simoncelli fell, his steel sheet off, as well as thrown off his motorcycle struck a motorist once forsaken Ducati supplement Colin Edwards as well as Valentino Rossi.

Edward additionally fell since of his motorcycle strike a relocating engine Simoncelli wild, though means to rise. While Rossi nonetheless not falling, though was forced off a track. Simoncelli seen motionless.

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