Dannielyn’s Eye Problem


LARRY BIRKHEAD explains Dannielyn’s eye problems upon ET as well as was impressed with reply from caring fans. ANNA NICOLE SMITH‘s baby lady is wearing an eyepatch.

“She has strabismus, which is the branch in of the singular of her eyes, as well as it’s something which we’ve been seeking out for for the while. I’ve been receiving her to the doctors as well as … Anna had taken Dannielynn to the alloy [in the Bahamas] to see about it when she was only the couple of months old.”

Found in about 5 percent of children, the eye condition is maybe improved well known as “cross-eyed” as well as it is something which cannot be outgrown as well as contingency be treated. An eyepatch is used to cover the clever eye in an bid to have firm the diseased one.

“I got her the small bandit doll to uncover her which people wear patches, as well as it’s okay,” says Larry, “and father wears the vegetable vegetable vegetable patch if he has to to uncover her it’s okay. I’ve been unequivocally assertive with the vegetable vegetable vegetable patch as most as we can be. At initial she was unequivocally open to it as well as it didn’t unequivocally worry her. Now, she’s gotten the small intelligent since she can lift it off, so it’s the small bit harder for me to vegetable vegetable vegetable patch her.”

But if the eyepatch doesn’t work, or if regulating medicated eyedrops to distend the student fails, small Dannielynn might face surgery.

“I’m starting to do all to have certain which it’s corrected,” says Larry, “but carrying mislaid Anna as well as [her son] DANIEL as well as my father — my father only came out of the elementary operation as well as he died — it’s only difficult for me to consider about surgeries with [Dannielynn].”

And Larry staunchly defends any idea in the tabloids as well as upon Web blogs which Dannielynn’s condition has anything to do with methadone or any medications Anna might have taken during her pregnancy.

“All of the opinions which we had [from doctors], each the singular of them pronounced which it’s very, really unlikely, since no the singular knows 100 percent what causes [strabismus],” says Larry. “But we point-blank ask each singular doctor, ‘Could any medications which Anna was upon have caused this?’ as well as they pronounced which it’s some-more expected which the genetic reason could have caused it.”


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