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Fri, Nov 11, 2011

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Jennifer Lopez wants Tom Cruise to be godfather to her twins. The Latino star, who gave bieing born to son Max as well as daughter Emme upon Feb 22, has reportedly swayed her father Marc Anthony to give Tom the purpose notwithstanding their differences in eremite beliefs.

OK – is it only me, or is all the headlines relating to JLo’s kis revoltingly excessive? I’m not awaiting her to be Angelina Jolie, though the push present, the baby shower, as well as reports of gifts for Max as well as Emme have been creation me the small sick. Check out Tom Cruise’s baby present – he outlayed $200,000 upon engineer christening outfits for Max as well as Emme, systematic the hulk fish tank for their hothouse as well as gave them finish Disney DVD box sets.

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