Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photos Are Very Similar to 1953 Marilyn Monroe’s Photos

Mon, Dec 12, 2011



Playboy publication is evolving the newsstand day due to the new problem with naked photos of celebrity Lindsay Lohan partly resulting from pictures which were leaked out on-line ahead of time, Hugh Hefner stated. The Playboy magazine creator tweeted how the problem can continue sale made past due a few weeks, in which close to correlates together with the December fifteen airdate to get Lohan’s prepared appointment with Ellen DeGeneres’ TV dialogue tv show.

“Due to the fact from the attention and also the world wide web drip, we are issuing the Lindsay Lohan topic premature,” Hefner publicised on Twitter. This guy afterwards included the fact that “her aspect continues sale overdue a few weeks,” even though he didn’t provide a certain day. Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos leaked.

A speaker of the men’s publication didn’t instantly reply to an e-mail searching for much more information. Lohan, who’s got seen her profession spin out of control downwards recently because of drunken driving a vehicle, narcotic and also thievery prosecutions, lately presented to the photos that’ll be showcased on the magazine’s January/February issue. Recently, a photo clicked from the cover showcasing Lohan was leaked out on the internet, as well as on Friday, naked photos from the celebrity also stumbled on the internet.

All those photos are extremely much like Marilyn Monroe’s legendary centrefold photos utilized in 1953’s very first Playboy magazine issue.

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