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If Lions fans hold in curses, afterwards the Madden NFL as well as Sports Illustrated cover jinxes have been spook as well as imaginary creature time to go to bed stories for toddlers compared to whatever forces have bedeviled the team’s tall breeze picks for the final decade.

Call it the jinx, abuse or simply an occupational jeopardy of personification pro football, by any name or description, players drafted in the initial dual rounds given 2002 have been strike by vital injuries some-more mostly than not.

Nick Fairley as well as Mikel Leshoure have been the ultimate rookies to be victimized by the Lions’ breeze curse. Neither done it to the unchanging deteriorate though nutritious an damage which compulsory surgery.

Fairley, the defensive plunge into drafted in the initial round, harmed his left feet in the third day of practice. He had operation as well as expected will skip all of the muster season.

Leshoure, the second-round collect who showed guarantee of upgrading the using game, lasted until the ninth day of stay prior to starting down for the season. His deteriorate finished Monday as the outcome of the ripped left Achilles tendon.

The Lions’ front bureau can be forgiven for wondering if the authorization will locate the mangle with the breeze picks instead of saying them mangle down so early.
From 2002 by this year, the Lions have drafted twenty-four players in the initial as well as second rounds.

Leshoure became the 10th of those twenty-four budding breeze picks to skip during slightest half the deteriorate in his initial dual years. Of those 10, 4 went out for the season. Leshoure became No. 4.

Ndamukong Suh as well as Jahvid Best, both drafted in the initial turn the year ago, avoided the damage jinx. Both played all sixteen games.

Matthew Stafford, drafted initial altogether in 2009, was strike hard, blank nineteen of 32 games his initial dual seasons.

If it’s an damage bug that’s pounded the Lions, afterwards it’s something large sufficient to swallow up King Kong as well as the Empire State Building in the single gulp.

Following is the list of how the players drafted by the Lions in the initial dual rounds given 2002 have fared with injuries, as well as games longed for in their initial dual seasons:


QB Joey Harrington: He went out early in Game fourteen with an strange heart rhythm, though was full of illness in 2003. Games missed: 2.

DE Kalimba Edwards: After the full of illness rookie season, the sports hernia caused him to skip half of ‘03. Games missed: 8.


WR Charles Rogers: A unsuccessful career in each sense, as well as the slip to unconcern began in his rookie year. Rogers pennyless his collarbone in use after the fifth diversion as well as longed for the rest of his initial season. He pennyless it again upon the initial array of 2004. Games missed: 26.

LB Boss Bailey: A permanent rookie who led the invulnerability in snaps played crumbled in ’04. A training-camp knee damage KO’d him for the season. Games missed: 16.


WR Roy Williams: He was sincerely healthy, blank dual games as the rookie as well as 3 in ’05. Games missed: 5.

RB Kevin Jones: Foot as well as knee injuries would derail the earnest career, though he had the great start, blank the single diversion as the rookie as well as 3 in ’05. Games missed: 4.

LB Teddy Lehman: Almost the Boss Bailey counterpart in conditions of health. Like Bailey prior to him, Lehman led the invulnerability in snaps played as the rookie though injuries struck in ’05. He never proposed an additional diversion for the Lions. Games missed: 11.


WR Mike Williams: He doesn’t fit this profile. His complaint was the self-induced miss of desire.

DT Shaun Cody: Healthy as the rookie, he was an additional who had the sophomore hex since of the tangled toe. Games missed: 11.


LB Ernie Sims: Rock solid, he proposed each diversion his initial 3 seasons.

S Daniel Bullocks: He longed for the single diversion as the rookie, though his career was subverted in year No. 2 when the non-contact knee damage in the muster deteriorate put him out for the year. His final deteriorate was ’08. Games missed: 16.


WR Calvin Johnson: He played by the behind damage as the rookie as well as proposed all sixteen games his second year. Games missed: 1.

QB Drew Stanton: A training-camp knee damage wiped out his rookie year. Games missed: 16.

S Gerald Alexander: After sixteen rookie starts, he played 5 games with the single begin prior to the neck damage finished his ’08 season. Games missed: 11.


OT Gosder Cherilus: The damage bug didn’t punch until his third year, when the knee damage compulsory micro-fracture surgery. Games missed: 1.

LB Jordon Dizon: His problems removing personification time were separate to injury. However, the knee damage in the muster deteriorate finished his third deteriorate early. The bug bit Dizon late. He was harm final muster deteriorate as well as longed for the year.


QB Matthew Safford: The Lions have been watchful as well as anticipating which he will tarry an complete deteriorate to let his measureless bent compromise their decades-old QB problems. A knee damage as well as 3 shoulder injuries have shredded the hopes of his initial dual seasons. Games missed: 19.

TE Brandon Pettigrew: Already the single of the league’s many appropriate dual-threat players during his position, he is entirely recovered from the knee damage which finished his rookie deteriorate after eleven games. Games missed: 5.

S Louis Delmas: Health is the relations issue. His will to fool around by injuries equates to Delmas has been comparatively healthy. Games missed: 2.


DT Ndaukong Suh: He played all sixteen games, though had shoulder operation after the season. No games missed.

RB Jahvid Best: He played all sixteen games notwithstanding injuries to both feet.


DE Nick Fairley: Out with an harmed left feet which compulsory surgery.

WR Titus Young: He has longed for many of stay since of the injure leg tendon damage upon the initial day.

RB Mikel Leshoure: Out for the deteriorate with the ripped left Achilles.

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