Posh To Be Bluebell’s Godmother

>becks Posh To Be Bluebells Godmother
Bluebell who, we ask? The a single as well as usually Bluebell Madonna, daughter of Geri Halliwell. Ginger Spice has asked Victoria Beckham as well as Kenny Goss – George Michael’s beloved – to be godparents. The christening is set to take place during a church in London’s Hampstead.

More A-list guest have been approaching to attend: Spice Girls Melanie Chisolm as well as a profound Emma Bunton have been invited.

But Melanie B, now embroiled in a paternity conflict with actress Eddie Murphy, won’t have a event, instead superfluous in LA with her latest baby daughter Fortuna Daphne Bay.

Above is Becks selling with a boys yesterday. So hot!


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