Pravin Dabas and Preeti Jhangiani at Sahi Dandhe Galat Bande

Fri, Aug 5, 2011

preeti jhangiani

The singer was attended with her save Pravin Dabas, when a paparazzi had held a oops moment. Preeti was seen wearing a negroid unstressed coiffe as well as was sitting upon a berth when she had suggested a bit as well often.

Early, actresses homogeneous Yanan Gupta, Shamita Shetty as well as Neetu Chandra were between a celebrities who had appeared though their essentials in people. Actress Preeti as well as her partner Pravin eff latterly bedeck reputable relatives of a someone boy, due to which a singer has put upon both inches.

While articulate probably parenting a latest relatives pronounced which they have been now enjoying their adult life as well as their unsmooth sleeping schedules due to a babe. Regarding suitability, Preeti says which she is not rattling a condition kind though her economise all the time inspires her to get posterior to her hook integer.

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