Rare photos of Marilyn Monroe surface

Rare photos of Marilyn Monroe surface
What does it take to turn the star? In the tumble of 1948, Marilyn Monroe had only the couple of purposes in box bureau flops upon her resume — yet LIFE photographer J. R. Eyerman assumingly saw sufficient of the spark in the 22-year-old starlet to follow her by the showbiz precision which betrothed to have her big. The implausible — as well as occasionally seen — images in this art college of music have been the initial the LIFE photographer ever took of Monroe, yet the repository did not tell them during the time.

(In fact, she wouldn’t uncover up in LIFE’s pages until Oct 1949, along with 7 alternative then-unfamiliar Hollywood “girls”). But now, in jubilee of what would have been Monroe’s 85th birthday (June 1, 2011), LIFE.com presents these singular gems, easy to their strange excellence as well as display early-career Monroe in the dance, acting, as well as voice classes which helped have her an idol for the ages.

Dancer in Training
Of this sketch McKinney wrote, “She assumes the classic, much-painted viewpoint of ballet girls adjusting their shoes.” Around the time of Eyerman’s shoot, Monroe was sealed with Columbia Pictures, after the short as well as catastrophic 6 months during 20th Century Fox, as well as could be seen upon shade as the dancer in Ladies of the Chorus. Ultimately, which film tanked, as well as Monroe was once again dumped by the vital college of music — yet she would go on undeterred in her query for fame.
 ‘Bosom to All the World’
“Marilyn strains, behind opposite the mirror, familiar to all the world, in an try to get the mood of elation.”
 Oh, the Drama!
“We begin the scene, tyro outdoing clergyman in the clasped hands dialect as well as clamp versa.”
 At the Mike
Moore urged Monroe to get the many out of each line. “Get it in your conduct as well as sing it out. Believe it!” he told her, according to LIFE’s notes.
 ‘Her Own Little Voice’
“Another proviso of Moore’s coaching: play-back recordings, to exam the tangible outspoken technique. Marilyn seems sincerely gratified by her own small voice; Moore is the small some-more dubious.”
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