Sting’s Daughter – Coco Summers and Pete Doherty??

Wed, Apr 11, 2012

coco sumner, rock star babies

>cocosting Stings Daughter   Coco Summers and Pete Doherty??

Sting is frequency upon foot upon a moon after guidance which his teenage daughter Coco common a tent with Pete Doherty during Glastonbury. She played a set during a uber-popular Glastonbury Festival as well as bumped in to her drug-riddled pal, Pete. He is pronounced to have smoked something in her tent, with her there.

The Police frontman reportedly went by a roof tiles when it emerged 17-year-old Coco was inside of spitting stretch of a distinguished junkie. we would, too! Pete Doherty has unsuccessful to infer himself as carrying any genuine talent, solely latching upon to important women, similar to Kate Moss.

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