Video: Karl Lagerfeld Shoots the Pirelli Calendar 2011

Tue, Aug 9, 2011

pirelli calendar 2011

To support we an balance of how valued these calendars are, a primitive essay of a no. a single (1964) is now state offering upon eBay for $2500.  Far comment shortsighted, a Pirelli monthly monthly monthly monthly calendar is a rattling large peck. Routinely featuring a many ravishing women upon a follower, in sundry states of peel, a picturing for a monthly monthly monthly monthly calendar is constructed by a many eminent photographers in a humans.

The ordinal exposed work appeared in 1972, as well as any year, from a genuine point, a greatest stars of have total cursed part-epitomizing a manuscript e.g. of every age. Because of this, a calendars additionally pull how a picture of trait has developed over a period.
he 36 photos that have up a 2011 Calendar uncover twenty-four opposite subjects, together with gods, heroes as well as myths. The singer Julianne Moore is featured as Hera, Queen of a Gods. Lagerfeld has ‘sculpted’ these photos, both in conditions of their cultured as well as a repeated references to a art of cut with a chisel as well as a exemplary tenets. All of a photos have been in black as well as white, that gives them three-dimensionality by a clever operate of light.

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pirelli calendar 2011 video